Swiss Technology Award

Innovation is the key driver of Switzerland's economy, ensuring its prosperity. The presentation of the Swiss Technology Award supports and promotes this culture of innovation. Each year, outstanding technology-based innovations and developments from start-ups, universities and technical institutions as well as established businesses are awarded prizes in three categories.

This prize is the most important distinction for innovation and technology transfer in Switzerland. The Swiss Technology Award was taken over from the Swiss Economic Forum AG in 2008 and will be presented for the 36th time at the Open-i 2024.

Seize the opportunity and apply now for the Swiss Technology Award 2024.

The closing date is 09 August 2024.


You have achieved a breakthrough in your research or development work and are on the way to demonstrating the functionality of your idea with a prototype. Your focus is mainly on the area of technology and not yet so much on the business plan.

  • Application-oriented R&D projects

  • Industry-focused and / or university-based technology project

  • Concrete project with a good chance of success

  • Possession of a separate legal entity not necessary / Company not yet founded

Start-ups (Rising Stars)
Start-ups (Rising Stars)

You have already started the implementation of your idea with an operational structure. Your technology or product is defined. Ideally, prototypes exist. You have thoroughly examined the financing, production and marketing possibilities and can present a solid business plan.

  • Functioning prototype / Proof of concept

  • Market and customer feedback ideally already available

  • Initial sales or funding rounds realised

Industry Innovation
Industry Innovation

You are an established company with an existing and successful product portfolio. Through your R&D activities you are constantly bringing new, convincing solutions to the market, which lead to clear advantages in the area of economic and/or social/ecological sustainability. Through new technological developments, the use of new materials or processes and/or generally improved resource efficiency, you contribute to solving global challenges and open up new markets or conserve resources.

  • Established company with several products on the market

  • Key figures show improved resource efficiency/social sustainability or concrete cost savings

  • Company is established and has positive cash flow

  • Product / technology on the market / customer base

Benefits and Added Value

The Swiss Technology Award is more than just a trophy. The finalists get brand presence at the Swiss Innovation Conference with international appeal:

  • Brand & stage presence at Open-i

  • Business contacts to over 700 decision makers from economy, politics and science

  • Wide media reach

  • High-quality image film about the company and innovation

  • Further network opportunities in the following year

Who can apply?

To participate, the following requirements must be met:

  • Innovative entrepreneurs

  • Innovative projects from research institutions

  • Business and industry start-ups

  • University and college projects

  • Established companies with innovative, technology-based developments

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