CERN and EUROfusion work together on nuclear fusion

Geneva, Garching, Bern | CERN and EUROfusion plan to jointly create a centre of excellence for nuclear fusion technology. A collaboration agreement provides the platform. EUROfusion head, Ambrogio Fasoli, will report on the status of research at the Open-i innovation conference in Zurich.


CERN's particle acceleration experts are working with EUROfusion's nuclear fusion specialists to jointly develop innovative nuclear fusion technologies. The projects will be facilitated by a cooperation agreement signed in November 2023. CERN is the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, based near Geneva in Switzerland, and EUROfusion is a European consortium of fusion research laboratories based in Garching near Munich in Germany. The aim of their collaboration is to develop a technical design for a power plant called DEMO, which is intended to demonstrate the feasibility of nuclear fusion.

Fusion is based on the fusion of atomic nuclei. This process releases large amounts of energy, such as can be observed on the Sun. Researchers have been working for decades to make this principle available for use in energy production on Earth, among other things.

“There are clear synergies in the development of technologies for nuclear fusion and those for future colliders, particularly with regard to the use of high-temperature superconducting (HTS) conductors,” Gianfranco Federici, Head of the EUROfusion Fusion Technology Department, is quoted as saying in a statement on the value of the collaboration. “The collaboration agreement provides a platform for all of our members and CERN to collaborate and create a centre of excellence for fusion technology”.

CERN and EUROfusion are reported to have fruitful exchanges on magnet concepts and designs. Recently, their collaboration was extended to advanced shielding materials, which are of interest both to fusion and accelerators, according to the statement. This topic will be the focus of a joint workshop, planned to take place later this year.

The CEO of EUROfusion, Professor Ambrogio Fasoli, will be one of around 70 speakers at the Open-i conference in Zurich to report on nuclear fusion research. Until June 2024, he was director of the renowned Swiss Plasma Centre. Fasoli is also a faculty member at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne.

Open-i describes itself as a Swiss innovation community and dialogue platform for the economy and the science sector. The conference, which will take place on 21 and 22 November at Zurich Kongresshaus, aims to bring together academic and economic experts to secure Switzerland's leading role as an innovative and successful market. Open-i is organised by NZZ Connect, a branch of the NZZ based in Bern. Tickets are available now. ce/mm

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